Lincolnshire Surveyors Services

A range of building surveys to suit any budget

Whether you are trying to sell your property, or are just interested in finding out what condition it is in, we have a service to suit you. Starting from just £400, our building surveys could save you a fortune in future repairs.

Our range of services includes:

Find out the condition of a property before you buy

When you are thinking of buying a property, having the building surveyed and inspected could save you money in the long term. There are a range of surveys to choose from but the most in-depth is the full structural survey (also known as a building survey). Why not call us free on  01522 247008 to find out more?

Purchasing a property with structural faults could lead to expensive repairs months or years down the line. Our experienced surveyors can spot these problems for you before you commit to buy. We may also be able help you renegotiate price if a fault is found.

To book your full structural survey in Lincoln, contact us today.